Meet Us in Person!

Fire and Smoke and their owner stopped by to see what all those flapping shirts were about!

We had a great day on Sunday outside of Mike's Store in Hartland, VT! Our new banner and hats arrived just in time for us to set up our booth. With mugs, business cards, and photos of some of the animals who inspired us on our table, we were more than ready to spread our mission of supporting rescues and saving rescue animals. Our shirts hanging from the edge of the tent were a bright welcome banner calling people over as soon as they stepped out of their cars. And if they somehow missed our tent, they were greeted by our card rack as soon as they walked in the door to Mike's Store and Deli. We talked to locals as well as tourists passing through; one couple had driven to Vermont all the way from California!

We are so grateful we are able to send a donation to VVSA today thanks to those that shopped with us on Sunday!

If you have a local retail location and would like to host us for one of our pop up events or to set up a wholesale account, please get in touch with us at

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