Take the Photo Challenge!

One down
two to go

Our photo challenge and t-shirt contest is up and running.   We encourage your participation. Please submit photos of your animals with fur flying. They could be running in the snow, on the beach, for a ball or for a frisbee.  All your creative fur-flying photos are welcome.  If you are chosen a winner of our contest, you will receive a t-shirt with the artist's work of your choice, and we will also donate to your favorite rescue in your best friend's name.  

Reading our blog is an easy way to be in the loop…. just sayin’.

Please send contest entries by email to: fsfchallenge@furshouldfly.com

Kindly take a moment to read through our Permission Form; if you are a winner of our contest, we just ask that you sign and return a release within five days of being notified (of winning) and return it to us.  This form gives us permission to use your image.  Sherman and Grey Bear wish you the best of luck and thank you for your wonderful submissions!

Congratulations to our Photo Contest winners!  Check them out.