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"Tip" was born in South Sudan a few years ago on the US Embassy compound. Her spirit and kindness was recognized by an American posted to Juba for only 18 months. She began following him around, and was eventually taken in by him and was named for her little white tip of fur on her tail. Unlike most kitties in South Sudan, Tip has come to enjoy a life of pets, snuggles and American cat food. Her original owner left Juba, and she was entrusted to me.

Since Tip became my companion in May 2016, a lot has happened in South Sudan. Tip and I went from our morning and evening routine of her showing up at my door, being fed, snuggling on the couch, spending lazy afternoons watching silly TV in May and June to a sudden outbreak of heavy fighting in Juba in July. Tip stayed at my side the whole time, and bunkered with me in my house when fighting was just next to us. One night she spent the evening on the floor next to my head as rockets and gunfire shook our compound growling and protecting me. She became the compound Therapy Cat, waiting for me during meetings and rubbing up against people who needed a little love from a furry companion. Her presence brightened everyone's days during a very scary and difficult time.

Like Tip has been committed to me, I am committed to finding her a good, loving and safe home in the US. Every morning she follows me to the convoy and sends me off to work. At night she is waiting for me to come home, and rushes out when she hears my voice. I want to make sure I do the same for her.

Tip is spayed and has her basic shots, and has been getting her flea and tick meds that I order from the US. She will do best in a house without other kitties since she had to learn to be territorial when she was born. Tip has never had to learn to use the litter box, but she can, and her new home should have patience and love since acclimating will take a moment. She is worth it. Trust me.

I would take Tip with me, but my life is currently on the road going from one humanitarian crisis to another. It's no life for a kitty. She is full of love and is a devoted animal. She deserves a good home where she doesn't have to be afraid of being left behind.

I will pay for her transport to the US and initial vet visit as long as her forever home promises to giver her lots of snuggles and belly rubs. She is a special cat and protected me during some scary and uncertain times. I hope someone will want to protect and love her!

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November 1, 2016