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Small to medium size rescues and sanctuaries around the country are often a true labor of love and dedication. They are completely dependent on donations and community support to house, feed and medically treat the animals in their care.  In addition to caring for the animals, fundraising is an ongoing task that takes valuable time and a great deal of effort.

Enter Fur Should Fly

Refreshingly Cheeky Animal Themed Gifts

Now your gifts for your friends and family can keep on giving and count for one furry friend at a time.

Fur Should Fly is featuring different Rescues periodically throughout the year.  During the time we feature a rescue or sanctuary, a portion of our net profits will be donated directly in support of their good work.

Additionally, if you would like to donate directly to our featured rescue, click here.

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Eddie’s Wheels will be carrying our animal themed greeting cards and using the net profits to start a fund for those needing financial assistance purchasing a set of wheels.


Our current Featured Rescue/Sanctuary

Vermont Volunteers Services For Animals

We are adult and children volunteers who care deeply about animals and our community.

Since our inception in 1986, VVSA has been a forerunner in animal welfare and protection in Vermont.  VVSA receives no federal, state, nor municipal funding, but relies on its own fundraising efforts, donations and volunteers.

Our work encompasses humane legislation, senior citizens’ companion animal programs, feral cat rehabilitation, wildlife assistance, animal adoption and the first spay neuter assistance program in the state of Vermont.

Programs include:

  •  For The Animals Television Show     (FTA)  is featured weekly on all Vermont public access channels, and as well can be viewed online.  DVDs are also available for purchase.  As a means to reach out and educate the public, we strive to address and cover a diversity of topics related to animals and we welcome your input.  Please note…
  • Senior Citizen Assistance      Seniors often rely on animal  companionship but can be financially strained due to prohibitive animal care costs. VVSA provides support and assistance to help seniors feed and take care of their animal companions.
  • Advocacy for Animals      We are fortunate to live in a state that recognizes the need to legislatively protect the welfare of animals. VVSA has been instrumental in the passage of several bills:


Please use the link below if you would like to Donate directly to VVSA