Meet the Artists

Fur Should Fly is honored to offer the artwork of our wonderful artists who express their humor and love for animals in the art they create.  Our featured artists Monique van de VenJulie Ireland, and Connie R. Townsend are joining Fur Should Fly in our mission to contribute to animals in need through the sale of their art. Our artists’ work will be featured on all of our high quality greeting cards and animal themed garments and gifts.


Monique with dog
Monique van de Ven

Monique van de Ven is an artist whose creative interests encompassed many media including wood, clay and watercolors. Monique is the first contributing artist to Afterglow which is made up exclusively of terminally ill artists who want their work to continue being shared. The gifting of Monique's beautiful watercolors to Fur Should Fly will allow her art to continue making a contribution to animals in need, helping them to find a forever-home.

Julie with alpaca

Julie Ireland

Julie Ireland’s stunning photography and witty, sometimes cheeky humor is captured through her lens. Candid images portray our companions doing what they do best, bringing us joy, enriching our lives and making us laugh.

Connie with dog
Connie R. Townsend

Connie R. Townsend is best known for her playful paintings of dogs riding motorcycles and driving cars. Her sense of humor is expressed most dramatically in her dog series, and she admits that her favorite response to her work is “your paintings make me smile”.

Learn more about our artists, Monique van de VenJulie Ireland and Connie R. Townsend.